Flexible solutions to meet the most demanding inspection applications

Nikon Metrology’s industry-leading 225kV system range offers the ultimate flexibility and versatility for X-ray CT inspection and metrology. The XT H 225, XT H 225 ST 2x, MCT and XT H 320 series offer customizable solutions for 2D X-ray and 3D computed tomography (CT) applications. These systems are supplied to an extensive customer base backed by global support and can be configured to suit a variety of applications across the automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, dental, additive manufacturing, electronics, consumer and many other sectors.


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Product overview

The versatile XT H 225 series is controlled by industry-leading Inspect-X software, a 6th generation, advanced GUI providing intuitive workflows tailored to all users. Coupled with world-leading reconstruction times and cutting-edge visualization and analysis software, the XT H series offers the complete package for X-ray and CT inspection.

Unique rotating target technology
Versatile X-ray CT solutions
Metrology CT

Benefits & features

nikon metrology x ray xth225 x raysourceforeveryapplication

X-ray source for every application

At the heart of Nikon Metrology’s superior image quality is world-leading X-ray source technology. Where competitor models require dual-tube configurations for flexibility, the design of Nikon’s unique in-house X-ray source allows up to 5 target heads to fit onto the same X-ray tube base, resulting in unique flexibility and performance from just a single tube.

The easily interchangeable X-ray targets allow optimization for a wide range of samples, offering a transmission target with sub-micron feature recognition, through the 225kV reflection target (with unique multi-metal target option), to the world's only rotating target design for outstanding performance.

Finally, the 320kV microfocus target provides extra penetration capability for denser samples. The single, adaptable tube provides outstanding image quality across multiple powers and resolutions unlike any other, without adding extra, unnecessary maintenance and cost of a dual-tube approach.

nikon metrology x ray xth225 versatilex rayctsolutionsVersatile X-ray CT solution

The XT H 225 and 320 series allow customization of system size, sample weight, source power and resolution, with a choice of high quality flat panel detectors. Intuitive hardware and software advancements allow options such as adjustable source-to-detector distance to optimise image quality, and advanced scanning modes like helical X.Tend and Offset.CT, for high-resolution images of tall samples spanning multiple fields of view, or high-resolution images of samples wider than the detector, respectively.

The metrology grade MCT225 system is configured for high accuracy measurement applications, with hardware modifications and precision alignment procedures with MPE verification in accordance with VDI/VDE 2630. The advanced Inspect-X software, with intuitive workflows, graphical displays and capabilities for automation, controls all systems in the range.

nikon metrology x ray sources graph

Unique rotating target

Nikon Metrology is the only company in the world to supply X-ray CT systems with rotating target technology. Other products on the market, which use heat-absorbing materials, require cool-down periods and may have power limitations, but the unique 225kV rotating target allows continuous operation across its entire power range up to 450W for superior inspection productivity.

The liquid-cooled, rotating target technology adds further capabilities for power, resolution and reduction of scan time. It efficiently disperses the heat generated as the electron beam hits the surface to generate X-ray photons, boosting the flux by up to 5 times, enabling up to 3 times higher resolution for the same power, or allowing data to be collected 3-5x faster for the same resolution.

semi automated ct 5

Automation and integration

The XT H series provides automation modes to maximize CT productivity. Automated production workflows are fully customizable, with automated scanning, reconstruction and data analysis. In-house CT Pro software offers world-leading reconstruction times performed by Nikon Metrology’s expertly configured, high-performance computer specifications, with image enhancement and artefact removal options included as standard.

With full control through IPC communication, the XT H series can be configured with auto-loaders and robot retrofit for full automation and seamless integration into a production line. After providing superior image quality and leading reconstruction times, customizable analysis tools are available with data output compatible with both in-house and all industry-leading third party software for automating sample-specific analysis.




nikon metrology x ray xth225 xt h 225 
XT H 225
For inspection of small to medium parts
  nikon metrology x ray xth225 xt h 225 st
XT H 225 ST 2x
Flexible system for a variety of applications
  nikon metrology x ray xth225 mct 225
High accuracy X-ray CT metrology
  nikon metrology x ray xth225 xt h 320
XT H 320
High kV source for large and dense parts
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