X-ray CT inspection services

Nikon Metrology X-ray & CT inspection services help you to focus on what matters to you, delivering high quality products in the shortest time possible.


In a production environment where a fast solution to a problem is essential, internal material defects, complicated assemblies and hidden geometries can all be too complex and time consuming for manufacturers’ in-house inspection capabilities. In research and development, traditional methods of cutting and slicing parts to analyze internal structure add time and expense to the prototyping process, due to their destructive nature.

If you are a manufacturer of components or assemblies incorporating plastics, metals, ceramics, electronic components or any combination of these, Nikon Metrology has in-house Inspection centers to perform X-ray and CT contract inspection services for new or existing clients.


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Benefits of Nikon Metrology X-ray & CT services:

  • Over 30 years expertise in X-ray CT
  • Fully equipped laboratories featuring 160-450 kV micro CT systems
  • In case your in-house CT capacity is limited or not adequate for specific projects, rely on Nikon CT service capability
  • Small one-off projects to large batch inspections
  • Customer-tailored reports and project discussion
  • Controlled project costs instead of investment in own CT facilities
  • Short turnaround times


What Nikon Metrology CT technology offers:

  • Microfocus sources reveal smallest details
  • Unique high-flux rotating targets for fast scan times
  • Wide range of systems for scanning small parts to large assemblies
  • Range of applications from organic to industrial
  • Non-destructive analysis preserves (expensive) samples
  • Material analysis, assembly evaluation and metrology CT (compare to CAD, GD&T)
  • Measure internal and external dimensions simultaneously


The Nikon Metrology in-house inspection facilities support aerospace, automotive, Formula 1, telecoms, pharmaceutical industries and many more. Samples examined range from the latest hi-tech microchip to a 65million-year-old dinosaur egg. The possibilities are endless…

Results may be supplied as easy-to-interpret reports, with still images, (tiff or jpeg) avi, or complete data sets. Short training sessions are also available enabling customers to operate the X-ray or CT systems independently and carry out their own inspection at the X-ray and CT competence centers.


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