Delivering high quality after-sales service is paramount at Nikon Metrology, whether it is provided directly by us or through our global certified partner network. A team of highly trained engineers is standing by to answer your questions, solve your problems and take your service calls. You can expect a prompt response from our helpdesk. When calling, please have your customer reference details ready (product serial number, dongle number, software version etc).

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nikon metrology customer support preventive maintenancePreventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance by a Nikon Metrology trained service engineer keeps your equipment functioning at peak performance, reducing unscheduled downtime and maximising inspection productivity. Taking out a contract with Nikon Metrology for regular maintenance ensures that only genuine spares are used.

nikon metrology customer support repairsRepairs

After a full assessment of the problem, a trained Nikon Metrology technician will carry out any work that is needed, promptly and to the highest standard, again using genuine spare parts. Final testing ensures complete customer satisfaction, whether the repair is done on-site or at the factory. Repairs can be covered by maintenance contracts - ask your service department for more information.

nikon metrology customer support application engineeringApplications engineering

We work in close cooperation with customers to understand their particular needs and to be able to provide a consultancy service as well as hardware and software solutions tailored to meet specific client requirements. It is a technically demanding function that requires in-depth knowledge of Nikon Metrology inspection equipment and our engineers are uniquely qualified to provide this service, in certain cases with the help of highly qualified external partners.

nikon metrology customer support calibrationCalibration

Annual calibration and certification is recommended to give you the confidence that your Nikon Metrology equipment is measuring accurately. Only our qualified engineers have the right equipment to guarantee that the adjustments are correct. Calibration can be to either our internal standard, or to ISO/IEC 17025 in the case of our video measuring machines and measuring microscopes.

nikon metrology customer support contract inspectionContract inspection

Personnel are available at your local Nikon Metrology centre to provide short- and long-term services to meet your inspection and metrology requirements. We regularly support customers in the aerospace, automotive, Formula 1, telecoms, pharmaceutical and many other industries, as well as in scientific research and educational establishments. The service can be provided at our facility near you, or at your premises using your own equipment. For video measuring and microscopy applications, programming is carried out using Automeasure and CMM Manager software. A contract service is not offered for laser scanning or laser radar.

nikon metrology customer support trainingTraining

For rapid start-up using your new equipment and to ensure you get the most out of it, you need to be trained to the highest standard, either at Nikon Metrology's training facility or at your own site. Our dedicated trainers provide standard or bespoke courses covering hardware and software to suit the knowledge level of the trainees, either one-to-one or in small groups.

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nikon metrology customer support upgrade solutionsUpgrade solutions

To improve the performance of your Nikon Metrology equipment and software, upgrade and retrofit solutions are available to suit your application, depending on the product in use.

nikon metrology customer support exchange programmeExchange programme

If you are a user of one of our microscopes, you can keep up to date by taking advantage of offers allowing your existing equipment to be part-exchanged for the very latest Nikon Metrology product.

nikon metrology customer support relocationRelocation

After initial installation and commissioning of your inspection equipment, you may decide that it needs to be placed elsewhere within your premises. Unless your product is portable, Nikon Metrology is best qualified to undertake the relocation. Irrespective of who moves the equipment, in order that its peak performance can be reinstated it is important that it is recalibrated by a Nikon Metrology engineer.