Contract services for 3D dimensional inspection

When you are a manufacturer of high-end metal, plastic or composite components or assemblies, Nikon Metrology contract inspection services may be the answer. Inspecting your parts using state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners provides the geometric insight needed to take the right engineering and quality assurance decisions. Nikon Metrology’s in-house metrology facilities support laser scanning inspection for parts used in aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, and many more industries. The samples examined range from micro parts to turbine blades. The possibilities are endless!

3D laser scanning

The 3D Laser Scanning Center, including the latest range of digital high-performance scanners for CMMs or articulated arms, is operated by experienced application engineers. They fully capture the geometric features and freeform surfaces of your parts, and perform a detailed part-to-CAD comparison analysis. Graphic reports provide the detailed feedback required to resolve potential issues related to warpage, assembly, positioning, surface, inaccuracy, etc. The Nikon Metrology specialists are available to assist you in streamlining your process in order to avoid issues and maintain high quality standards. Results are supplied in the form of easy-to-interpret graphic reports, complemented with complete measurement datasets. Short training sessions get you up and running quickly to use and operate the 3D laser scanners independently.

Tactile probing tasks

For tactile probing tasks, our application engineers use the multi-sensor inspection software that runs on nearly all manual, CNC and portable CMMs. With a focus on quick, accurate and graphic measurement results, a variety of industrial parts such as powertrain components, car parts, turbine blades, medical devices and many more are handled.

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