Optical technology at its best - The multi-functional and high-performance Optelics HYBRID Confocal with Nikon Optics

nikon metrology industrial microscope confocal microscope lasertecWhite Light Confocal + Laser Confocal

In 1985, Lasertec released the first RBG confocal laser-scanning microscope. Decades later, the Optelics HYBRID Confocal with Nikon's legendary optics are continuing the legacy.

Featuring two sets of confocal optics combined with additional functions, this microscope performs multiple tasks that normally require several different tools including interferometry, differential interference contrast, spectroscoptic reflectometry, and film thickness measurement. It's the world's first multi-functional and high-performance confocal microscope of its kind - ready to take on your inspection needs.

6 Advanced Imaging Functions in One

The Optelics HYBRID offers a variety of unique confocal optics you won't find elsewhere. With two illumination sources, white light, and laser, the Optelics HYBRID offers cutting-edge microscope with 24bit full-color imaging. The Optelics Hybrid provides wave length channel switching. RGB wavelengths can be detected simultaneously and separately, providing the ability to image the most challenging of samples.

With a proprietary light scanning method and a FOV up to 15mm, the Optelics HYBRID maximizes the performance of large aperture low magnification objective lens.

nikon metrology industrial microscope confocal microscope lasertec cross sectionThe first of its kind, HYBRID offers 6 functions in just one body:

  • White light confocal
  • Laser confocal
  • Vertically scanned white light interferometer
  • Phase shift interferometer
  • Spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement
  • Differential interference contrast observation

The Optelics Hybrid Advantage

  • Faster - Achieving 15Hz frame rate, the Optelics Hybrid is about 4 times faster than a typical CLSM. This makes it a powerful tool for high-speed auto measurement, patchwork, and high-speed video observation.
  • Wider Field of View (FOV) - With an FOV of up to 15mm wide, the Optelics HYBRID offers wide coverage for both observation and measurement.
  • More Accurate - Confocal optics offer high resolution, high-contrast images with minimal scattered light interference. This enables the Optelics HYBRID to provide highly accurate measurements in x, y, and z.

Measurement and Analytical Functions

The Optelics HYBRID can complete multiple tasks and functions that previously required a variety of tools, offering unprecedented efficiency along with exceptional precision and accuracy. Just a few HYBRID applications include:

nikon metrology industrial microscope confocal microscope lasertec

Profile and Comparison Measurement

Ability to measure and compare sample parameters.

Width and Pitch Measurement

Ideal for measuring semiconductor pattern line widths with industry-leading accuracy and repeatability.

Surface Roughness Measurement

High-resolution roughness measurement is possible for any sample, thanks to the Optelics HYBRID's precise non-contact measurement.

Analysis of Geometric Properties

The Optelics HYBRID has the ability to analyze more than 20 properties including area, volume, center of gravity, and more.

2D Measurement

Measure two-dimensional features such as length, angles, radius, and counting of features.

Height Difference Measurement

Measurement of Z parameter in user-specified area.

Film Thickness Measurement

The Optelics HYBRID optically calculates the distance between film surface and substrate surface using confocal microscopy/ spectroscopic reflectometry


Optional features for your specific needs

nikon metrology industrial microscope confocal microscope footThe Optelics Hybrid is able to be customized to your specific needs. From automated software to help you inspect parts faster to a mo- torized stage for greater efficiency, there are many options to help you get the most from your microscope.

Here are just a few of the options:

  • Auto-measurement software
  • Auto-inspection software
  • Motorized Stage
  • Tilt Stage
  • Large/special stage
  • Electrostatic holder


Model / SpecificationBasic functionsMultifunctionsDiverse applications
Basic model C3 Standard model L3 High-end model L7
  • White light confocal
  • White light confocal
  • Laser confocal
  • White light confocal
  • Laser confocal
  • Differential Interface
  • Optical Interface measurement
  • Spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement



Light sourceLaser-405nm405nm
Xenon / Hg-Xe R,G,B R,G,B 436nm, 486nm, 514nm, 546nm 578nm, 633nm, White light
FOV / Magnification Objective lensOn-screen magnificationFOV (HxV)
White light1x18.5x 15,000 x 15,000 μ m
2.5x46.2x 6,000 x 6,000 μ m
5x92.5x 3,000 x 3,000 μ m
10x185x 1,500 x 1,500 μ m
20x370x 750 x 750 μ m
50x925x 300 x 300 μ m
100x1,850x 150 x 150 μ m
150x2,775x 100 x 100 μ m
Laser50x - 1,850x 150 x 150 μ m
100x - 3,700x 75 x 75 μ m
150x - 5,550x 50 x 50 μ m
Zooming1 ~ 8 x
Frame memoryBrightness 1,024 x 1,024 x 12bit / High-definition mode 2,048 x 2.048 x 12bi t
Height 1,024 x 1,024 x 12bit / High-definition mode 2,048 x 2.048 x 12bi t
Frame rate15Hz ~ 120Hz
Width measurementMinimum unit of measurement 0.001 μ m
Accuracy ± [ 0.02 x (100/Objective lens magnification) + L / 1000 ] μ m
Repeatability (3σ) ¹ 10nm
Height measurementSales resolution 0.1nm
Accuracy ± ( 0.11+L / 100) μ m
Repeatability (σ) ² 10nm
Measurement range ³ 7mm
Z stroke100mm80mm
Nosepiece5-hole motorized revolving nosepiece (with auto lens position recognition)
XY stageManual   -
Motorized Options  
Differential interference contrast observation Options  
Optical interference measurement Options  
Spectroscopic reflectometer measurement Options  


  1. Based on reference pattern measurement using 150x (NA0.95) under no vibration condition.
  2. Based on the measurement of VLSI Standards' step height standards using 100x (NA0.95) under no vibration condition.
  3. Up to the maximum distance of objective lens movement



SoftwareImage capture Patchwork, HDR mode, search peak, first peak, multi-gain, etc.
Basic functions Measurement of height, line width and surface roughness (JIS, ISO), and 3D display
Image processing Filter, tilt correction, binarization, nose elimination, bit depth conversion, size conversion, color balance, etc.
Geometric property calculation About 20 properties including area, volume, surface area, Feret diameter, center, roundness, maximum length, aspect ratio, etc.
Report generation Layout, image database, template, file extension batch conversion


UtilityAC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 1,500VA
Dimensions and weightMicroscope unit 382 (W) x 511 (D) x 669 (H) mm 41kg
Control unit 431 (W) x 450 (D) x 106 (H) mm 7.1kg
Light source unit 142 (W) x 311 (D) x 227 (H) mm 6.7kg
PC 175 (W) x 417 (D) x 360(H) mm 9.6kg




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