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Nikon Metrology is a leader in providing world-class metrology solutions for both design and manufacturing communities, with over 40 years experience in metrology.
Our experienced customer services group is answering your questions on Nikon Metrology products and its applications. A whole team of highly trained support and application engineers is present to quickly help you solve your questions and issues.

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Please find hereby the contact details of our regional Nikon Metrology customer services.

Your call information will be immediately recorded in our helpdesk database to ensure prompt response and accurate communication. Please be prepared to relate your customer reference details (product serial number, dongle number, software version etc.).

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Nikon Metrology Inc.


Nikon Metrology Europe
Phone: +32 16 74 01 09
License or code issues:
Camio/ Inspect-X license issues:

Nikon Metrology UK

Nikon Metrology GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)6023 917 33 0

Nikon Metrology France
Phone: +33 1 60 86 09 76


Please locate your Nikon Instruments office on corporate website 

Offered services

  • Highest quality service for all Nikon Metrology products (Nikon, Metris, LK, X-Tek, MetricVision, Krypton)
  • Service & software support contracts
  • Software helpdesk
  • System calibrations and certifications
  • Contract inspection services
  • Part programming and training application services
  • Metrology consulting
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Calibration Laboratory(US)