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XT V 160 NF Nanofocus X-ray inspection


XT V 160 NF

XT V 160 NF is a high-precision, flat-panel based X-ray inspection system that facilitates real-time imaging and defect analysis of next-generation wafer-level, semiconductor device and PCBA applications. Equipped with an in-house designed X-ray NanoFocus source and high precision manipulator, this industry-leading inspection system offers unrivalled feature recognition compared to any product available on the market today. As such, the XT V 160 NF is indispensable for any electronics development and production environment. 

Key benefits

  • <0.1 μm feature recognition up to 6 W power
  • High precision manipulator with vibration reduction
  • 3 Mpixel flat panel for ultra high definition
  • Large tray to load multiple components and boards as well as 450 mm wafer ready
  • Productivity increase by automation and instant reporting

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Categories: X-ray systems for electronics inspection

Applications: MEMS, Telecom & Electronics, Microelectronics, X-ray inspection of BGA, wirebonds, MEMS, loaded PCB, Automated measurement, Wafers