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Focus Scan


Focus Scan – Fast, easy and accurate data capture for CMM laser scanning

Focus Scan

Focus Scan is the driver software for Nikon Metrology laser scanner integrations on CMMs. It provides off-line and on-line scanner path definition, and acquires and preprocesses the raw point cloud data. The software is fully integrated into Focus Inspection and Automation. Focus Scan’s off-line module enables users to create, modify and prove out part programs using 3D CAD models, allowing CMMs to be used exclusively for measurement.

Key benefits

  • Smoothly driving CMM laser scanners from Nikon Metrology
  • Off-line and on-line scanner path definition
  • Highly efficient execution of laser scanning tasks on CMM
  • Easy to create, modify and prove out part programs off-line using 3D CAD models
  • Acquires and pre-processes the raw point cloud data

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Categories: Point cloud software

Applications: Household appliances and white goods , Aftermarkets, Flush and Gap Inspection, Implants/ Protheses, Sheet Metal Inspection, Full Vehicle Inspection, Mobile phones, shavers & watches