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Nikon NEXIV FOUP Wafer Carrier Measuring System


Provides all dimensional measurements required for wafer carrier fabrication including control of deformation due to aging of wafer carriers.

The NEXIV VMR-C4540 - designed for use with 300mm Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) & Front Opening Shipping Box (FOSB) wafer carriers - detects hard to see edges using a variety of illumination features as well as Nikon's unique image processing technologies. By incorporating laser AF that provides quick non-contact focusing, even on transparent surfaces and on the edge of the peripheries of the wafer, the VMR-C4540 is able to measure SEMI-standard dimensions with excellent accuracy.

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Categories: Semiconductor Equipment

Applications: Powertrain Components, Telecom & Electronics, Wafers, Automated measurement, Telescope optics, Antennae, Mobile phones, shavers & watches