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ModelMaker MMCx handheld laser scanners


ModelMaker MMCx digital laser scanner for portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering


The ModelMaker MMCx handheld laser scanners offer high value at affordable cost. These all-purpose scanners are ideally suited for portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications where the unmatched capability of the ModelMaker to scan any surface meets the need for a budget-friendly solution.

Its camera technology introduces an adequate frame rate and a stripe width up to 160mm. MMCx features Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP3) to eliminate user interaction when scanning different sample materials and surface finishes.

Key benefits

  • Digital handheld scanner for every budget
  • Adequate scanning accuracy for freeform and feature inspection
  • High scanning throughput through fast digital data capture
  • Robust design for use under all shopfloor conditions
  • Ergonomic scanning thanks to lightweight housing and system controls available at your fingertips
  • Scans almost all industrial materials
  • Optimized for hard-to-scan surfaces

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Categories: Handheld scanning

Applications: Automotive Design and Styling, Aftermarkets, Die and Mould Applications, Pilot Plant Metrology