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Focus Inspection


Focus Inspection – Supporting full part-to-CAD and feature inspection

Focus Inspection is today’s reference for point cloud inspection. It manages acquired point clouds and performs part-to-CAD comparison and advanced feature inspection. The software covers a wide range of inspection applications and offers stunning performance, an intuitive user interface, and standard macro functionality to automate the entire inspection process.

Key benefits:

  • Easy-to-use inspection workflows for both operators and engineers
  • Intelligent feature detection and analysis algorithms resulting in high productivity and consistent results
  • Most complete set of functions for digital surface and feature inspection
  • Easy-to-interpret and interactive reporting to facilitate decision making
  • Inspection automation without requiring programming skills
  • Share 3D results with colleagues and customers with free Focus viewer

Download Focus Viewer:

Focus 11.0 VIEWER (exe-file, 160Mb)

Focus 10.3 SP2 VIEWER (exe-file, 72Mb)
Focus 10.3 SP2 VIEWER x64 (exe-file, 82Mb) 

Focus 10.3 SP1 VIEWER (exe-file, 72Mb)
Focus 10.3 SP1 VIEWER x64 (exe-file, 82Mb) 

Focus 10.3.1 VIEWER (exe-file, 72Mb)
Focus 10.3.1 VIEWER x64 (exe-file, 82Mb) 

Focus 10.2 SP2 VIEWER (exe-file, 74Mb)
Focus 10.2 SP2 VIEWER x64 (exe-file, 63Mb)

Focus 10.2 SP1 VIEWER (exe-file, 62Mb) 
Focus 10.2 SP1 VIEWER x64 (exe-file, 74Mb)

Focus 10.2 VIEWER (exe-file, 63Mb)
Focus 10.2 VIEWER x64 (exe-file, 74Mb)

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Applications: Powertrain Components, Household appliances and white goods , Aftermarkets, Die and Mould Applications, Flush and Gap Inspection, Implants/ Protheses, Sheet Metal Inspection, Cosmetics, Full Vehicle Inspection, Turbine Blade Inspection, Automotive Components Inspection, Mobile phones, shavers & watches