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HN-C3030 specs

Max. part size Φ300 x (H) 300 mm*
Max. part weight for guaranteed accuracy 30 kg (including fixture)
Effective measurement range (X x Y x Z) 300 x 300 x 300 mm
 (based on JIS B7441(2009))
ES, MPE (sphere-spacing) 5 µm
PFF, MPE (flat form) 5 µm
Laser scanner Working distance 98.6 mm (from center of measurement range)
Measurement distance 20 mm
Height detection range ±10 mm
Linear resolution 20 µm
Safety standards Laser class Class 1
Device EU low voltage directive, EU EMC directive, EU machinery directive
Host computer OS Windows7® 64 bit
Interface USB2.0 x 1, IEEE1394b x 1
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,450 x 1,550 x 1,980 mm
Weight 1,170 kg
Power For main unit Single phase AC200V ±10%
50/60Hz ±3.5%
For PC Single phase AC100-240V ±10%
50/60Hz ±3.5%
Installation requirements Space (W x D x H) 2,950 x 3,400 x 2,100 mm
 (including space for operation and maintenance)
Temperature 20°C ±0.5K
With thermal regulator (option): 15 - 30°C
Humidity ≤ 70% RH (without condensing)
Permissible floor vibration Up to10 Hz: ≤ 3 µm P-P,
 10-200 Hz- with speed of acceleration: ≤ 0.012m/s2
(With active vibration isolation table)
 Up to10 Hz: ≤ 10 µm P-P,
 10-200 Hz- with speed of acceleration: ≤ 0.04m/s2
Dust protection Degree of protection: IP00 (JISC60034-5)
 (interior, dust protection required)

* Space for shaft (Φ61 x H187 mm extended downward from chuck fixture level) for measurement of shaft-mounted gears