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Key Features

High-speed, high-density acquisition of point cloud data

High-speed digital transform processing enables surface point clouds to be acquired at the rate of 120,000 points per second. For example, inspection of all tooth surfaces on a single automotive bevel gear can be completed in only 5 minutes.
 High-density acquisition of in-line point clouds with a point pitch of 20 µm enables not only analysis of shapes but also of surface waviness.

Comparison of actual tooth flanks

High-precision, non-contact laser scanner

Measurement principle

The HN-C3030 provides the world’s lowest ES, MPE of 5 µm for a non-contact system.
 Nikon has developed special optics, such as newly designed cylindrical lenses for laser scanner light emitters and an image-side telecentric optical system to achieve non-contact measurement with an unprecedentedly high degree of precision.
 The HN-C3030 also allows detection of glossy or dark surfaces without manual preparations, such as powder spraying.

An important advantage of an non-contact laser scanning system is that it elimates the need for probe tip radius or deflection compensation.

Five-axis automatic hardware control

Five-axis synchronized hardware control with a high-precision three-axis (XYZ) drive system (MPEE 1.6 + 4L/1000 um (L=measured length(mm))/JIS B 7440-2:2003), as well as an unlimited angular rotary stage and a rotatable laser scanner swing arm enables laser scanning of wide areas covering even bottom surfaces of parts.
 In addition, the direction of the laser scanner can be changed, allowing scans of various shapes from optimum angles.
 Optional chucks are also available to suit the various sizes and shapes of parts.

Five-axis automatic hardware control

High operability

Working distance

The laser scanner has a 98.6 mm working distance that enables scanning of highly uneven surfaces while avoiding collisions. In addition, heavy components weighing up to 30 kg can be measured.
HN-C3030 can be used outside temperature-controlled rooms, such as at production sites, when connected to an optional thermal regulator.

Dedicated acquisition and application software

The main software for the HN-C3030 comes with analysis tools for optimum laser scanning of various sizes, shapes and surface conditions, including codes for geometric shape measurements and coordinate setting.
Dedicated gear software is optionally available, enabling easy creation of teaching files and gear tooth analysis.


Gear inspection

Gear inspection

The HN C3030 is a viable solution for measurement of highly detailed, complex gears such as hypoid, helical, bevel & spiral bevel, elliptic gears across all industries from medical and defense to automotive and aerospace. The HN-C3030 is also suitable for non-contact inspection of other complex parts with critical dimensions such as impellers, compressors, cutting tools.