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Key Features

Designed for smooth measurements and long-lasting accuracies

LK CMMs ceramic

Stress-free ceramic guideways are most dimensionally stable, provide high and long-lasting measurement accuracy, and require minimum machine verification, saving both time and money.

  • Ceramic bridge and spindle provide a thermally stable and ultra-stiff frame for long lasting accuracy.
  • Unique Nikon air bearings provide a smaller air gap with greater stiffness than standard air bearings to enhance the rigidity of the frame.
  • Granite table with integral dovetail guideway (10.10.8 and bigger) provides the smoothest of drives with high velocity and acceleration.
  • Steel support legs designed on CAD with Finite Element Analysis provide a stable mounting for the ceramic beam and carriage assembly
  • Friction-driven axes remove the uncertainty of belt drives and gear-boxes and provide a hysteresis-free smooth repeatable motion.
  • Bonded renishaw scales negate the need for separate scale and mechanical frame thermal compensation, providing confidence in repeatability and accuracy.

Optimal performance and user friendly operation

Fly mode

The Fly mode provides optimized motion control for more efficient machine movement and faster throughput.

Fly mode

PH Fast

Further optimize the machine throughput by moving the probe head simultaneously with machine motion.

PH Fast

CMM Hand-box

Multi-function hand-box provides access to programming tools without returning to the computer.

CMM Hand-box

Probing and scanning made easy

Regardless whether contact or non-contact scanning is required, Nikon Metrology has a solution available for highly repeatable and accurate scanning results during geometric feature and free-form surface inspection.

Unique and unequalled, digital scanning is delivered as standard on every Nikon CMM  equipped with either TP20 or TP200 probes. This cost-effective scanning solution enhances traditional CMM inspection to increase productivity.
Stub Shaft
When accuracy and high speed are a prerequirement, Nikon CMMs’ ultra-stiff ceramic frame guarantees  that continuous contact scanning (SP25M) will provide you feature, form and free-form surface data that is equal to any ‘fixed-head’ probe system.
Non-contact laser scanning, with the world leading Nikon Metrology LC and patented XC (Cross-Scanner) technology, allows you to digitize virtually any component .
Suitable for geometric inspection, free-form surface inspection or reverse engineering, laser scanning is available for everyone.
Laser scanner

When size truly matters

Nikon CMMs are standardly available in a wide range of measurement volumes.
For applications requiring specific or larger measurement volume,  Nikon CMMs can be delivered to the customer’s needs. Whether it is a large bridge or a horizontal arm configuration you require, the Nikon CMMs are always based on the same ceramic and granite construction offering market leading accuracy and performance.

Nikon Metrology recently manufactured one of the largest CMM bridge sizes ever to be ordered with a measuring width of 6 meter.