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High-Speed Scanning Bridge CMM


LK V-SL High-speed scanning bridge CMM


The LK V-SL features a revolutionary design that delivers the best scanning and inspection performance currently available in the marketplace. Particularly suited to meet the demands of automotive and aerospace applications, the LK V-SL is a unique and distinctive multi-sensor CMM.  With the HA option, such a system becomes a metrology lab reference CMM featuring submicron accuracy for applications requiring highest precision

Key benefits

  • Increased scanning performance delivering high accuracy and throughput
  • Increased stiffness and stability of the metrology frame
  • Ready for shop floor and metrology lab
  • Multi-sensor capability

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Categories: Bridge CMM

Applications: Powertrain Components, Pilot Plant Metrology, Flush and Gap Inspection, Sheet Metal Inspection, Household appliances and white goods , Automotive Components Inspection, Telescope optics, Turbine Blade Inspection, Aircraft Component Inspection, Antennae