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Stereo Microscope SMZ1270/SMZ1270i and SMZ800N with enhanced optical performance and operation

April 22, 2014


Nikon Metrology is pleased to announce the release of SMZ1270, a stereo microscope with the largest zoom ratio in its class, SMZ1270i, a version of SMZ1270 with intelligent features, and SMZ800N with enhanced optics and operability. With their newly redesigned optics and advanced features, these new stereo microscopes provide incredible optical performance and enhanced operability, enabling researchers to carry out high-magnification, large-zoom-ratio and high-definition imaging with ease. The clarity of the images and improved ease of use will benefit researchers in a variety of fields, from medical to industrial.

Product information

Product Name Stereo Microscope SMZ1270, SMZ1270i, SMZ800N
Available from May 7, 2014

Stereo Microscope SMZ1270 with Binocular Tube and LED Diascopic Illumination Stand


Stereo Microscope SMZ800N with Binocular Tube and Plain Stand

Stereo microscopes have independent optical trains for the right and left eye paths, and thus naturally extend intrinsic stereoscopic viewing capability. As such, they are used in a variety of fields, including medicine, biology and industry. In the medical and biological fields, these microscopes are used for observing and manipulating live, biological samples. In the industrial field, these instruments are used for research, development and quality control of products. In these fields, stereo microscopes are required to provide advanced optical performance, such as high-magnification imaging and large fields of view, as well as ease of use. Nikon has set a new standard for the basic stereo microscope with the development of the SMZ1270/SMZ1270i model, which features newly developed optics that provide incredibly clear images, the largest zoom ratio of its class, and advanced functionality. Nikon has also developed the SMZ800N, an economical model also featuring improved operability performance.

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