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Nikon's New NIS-Elements V2.3 Speeds Image Acquisition and Enhances Analysis Capability

October 13, 2006

Superior Software for Bioscience and Industrial Microscopy

NIS-Elements version 2.3

MELVILLE, N.Y., Oct. 13, 2006 -- Nikon Instruments Inc., a leader in the development of advanced optical technology, today announced Version 2.3 of Nikon's NIS-Elements imaging software designed to serve the needs of bioresearch and industrial professionals. Version 2.3 of NIS Elements supports NIS-Elements AR, advanced research software, NIS-Elements BR, basic research software, and the NIS-Elements D software for documentation.

NIS-Elements V2.3 provides very fast acquisition control in conjunction with enhanced analysis capabilities. In addition, advanced visualization tools, such as a native 5D viewer, and preview functions join a suite of powerful imaging analysis solutions covering a broad spectrum of microscopy applications.

"NIS-Elements V2.3 delivers a new level of optimization for acquisition, visualization and image analysis capability," said Stan Schwartz, vice president, Nikon Instruments. "Our strategy is to establish Nikon software as the world's leading platform for sophisticated image capture, instrument control, data management and analysis."

Enhanced Acquisition Controls
V2.3 software supports experimental preview capabilities during multi-dimensional image acquisition and is designed for viewing the progressing experiment's captured image sequences. This feature lets users scroll through and observe already captured data without having to pause or stop an experiment. The software also incorporates new tools for manually capturing Z, multi-point, and time-lapse datasets. For fast acquisition, a new camera triggered device control option supports acquisition at fastest rate possible with Piezo Z, and wavelength switching devices. Additional support is included for a virtual joystick and for using a PC mouse as a multi- dimensional (X, Y) stage movement tool.

Powerful Visualization Tools
V2.3 features a significantly enhanced volume view capability in its core package and includes the unique ability for visualization of Z series data sets in combination with the times, channels and stage point(s) dimensions. The volume view capability, easily accessed from the image window, provides an option for software and hardware rendering. New hardware rendering capability greatly improves the speed of processing, allowing for fluid rotation and movement of the dataset in the volume view. The volume view also has built in capability for AVI creation and multiple volume views can be played simultaneously using the view synchronizer. The software also adds an enhanced navigation window for zooming in on larger images.

Outstanding Imaging Analysis Capability
NIS-Elements V2.3 features new region of interest (ROI) tools for image and data analysis that can be drawn and specified directly on the image. The software makes it easy to move ROIs in unison and allows users to toggle the ROI feature on and off. New capabilities for recording region of interest statistics per channel are fully supported. Version 2.3 also provides new support for AVI native file format, with the ability to open, save and compress AVI files directly.

A new object count GUI moves common operations such as thresholding, restrictions, object counting, and data export into a centralized location. A data spreadsheet view can be linked to the image and provides interactive analysis capabilities. Data can be exported to HTML, text file and Excel file formats. This tool provides continuous object count on captured and live images. The software provides image processing over the full dataset. Now many image processing functions can be applied either to a single image or to all images in a dataset. Full volume measurement is also available for threshold areas, and sub regions of an image can also be analyzed and V2.3 supports an option to view ratio values and features a color scale to display these values as well.

A real time Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) tool continuously builds the EDF image while Z series data is captured. This is designed to achieve a simplified workflow and faster output by saving each Z step directly to the hard drive instead of standard RAM. Z profiling and X, Y and Z measurements capability is also supported and new image stitching capability allows users to stitch (montage) images from previously saved work. NIS-Elements V2.3 now provides the ability to create snapshots for presentation, file sharing and publication preparation.

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