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Nikon Sells 300mm Semiconductor Inspection Stations

May 18, 2000

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 18 / -- Nikon Inc., Microelectronics Systems Department today announced a multimillion-dollar sale of comprehensive semiconductor inspection workstations to one of the largest chip manufacturers in the world.
The multi-unit sale involves Nikon's most advanced 300-millimeter integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing inspection workstations, the Optistation-7 Wafer Inspection Systems. Multiple systems will be employed in a 300mm integrated circuit wafer fabrication facility in the U.S., and are being delivered over a period of 6 months.
Nikon's Optistation-7 allows chipmakers to repeatedly inspect and review the devices being manufactured at various stages in the production process for quality control purposes. The ability to manufacture product on 300-millimeter
wafers is a recent development in the industry. The new Optistation-7 system is the cleanest, fastest, most accurate and most reliable automated way of optically reviewing chips that are printed onto 300-millimeter wafer substrates. Built to accept the latest technology in wafer transport and incorporating its own integrated ULPA filtration system, the Optistation 7 easily exceeds new fab automation requirements. Nikon semiconductor inspection stations are designed to provide ultra-high precision and throughput, with exceptional accuracy and ease of use.
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