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Nikon Seamlessly Integrates Digital Imaging With Industrial Metrology

September 25, 2006

New Measuring Microscopes Represents the Next Generation of Industrial Measuring Capability

MM400/800 Measuring Microscope with EMAX Software

MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 25, 2006 -- Nikon Instruments, Inc., a world leader in the development of advanced optical technology for microscopy, today announced a new series of innovative microscopes designed for industrial measuring and image analysis. Nikon's new MM-400/800 series integrates key performance features delivering complete digital control for maximum measuring accuracy in demanding industrial environments.

"The MM-400/800 series is a complete digital metrology solution," said Mike Metzger, Nikon general manager, Industrial Department, Nikon Instruments. "Most parts requiring inspection today are a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and materials and all demand creative new approaches to traditional microscopy. The new MM-400/800 series is our solution to that problem."

Nikon's MM-400/800 system is designed for complete digital control for maximum measuring accuracy. The system supports a host of new and expanded features including Nikon's electronic connection hub connection that provides total integration of microscope peripherals managed by Nikon's new EMAX metrology software.

Exceptional Z-Axis Measurement & Broad Observation Ranges
Nikon's MM-400/800-LM models have a built in motorized Z- axis scale providing accurate 3-axis measurements. In addition, these models support an optional visual focusing aid that uses a split prism to ensure manual Z-axis focusing accuracy and minimizes human measurement errors caused by the difference in the objectives depth of focus. A new focusing aid mechanism provides sharper and more accurate focusing so high precision Z-axis measurement is easier than ever, and a fully motorized Z-axis movement mechanism simplifies accurate vertical movement through the use of a dedicated controller.
The new MM-400/800 series also supports a significantly expanded observation range due to a wide variety of available lighting options. The MM- 400/800 /LM and MM-400/800/S, /L and /SL models support a high-intensity white LED illuminator featuring a constant color temperature and lifetime bulb for brightfield observations. These features are widely used in medical device manufacturing, dies and molds, finely machined and stamped parts and in injection molded applications. The /LMU models support high powered magnification used in semiconductor packaging applications, bonding placement and wafer level CSP and feature a wide selection of universal epi-illuminators to respond to a broad range of observations requirements. A 12V-50W halogen light source is also available for universal applications.

Unmatched Digital Imaging & Vision Processing
Using a Nikon digital camera with E-MAX software streamlines workflow from observation to digital image capture allowing fast measurement with precise auto edge detection. Additionally, these new microscopes are the first measuring microscopes that can be equipped with an optional TTL Laser AF system that speeds focusing and assists accuracy.

The MM-400/800 series features an integrated MM Controller Backpack interface supporting illumination, X/Y stage and Z data connections from the Controller to a PC running E-MAX software for system control and data processing.

Connecting to data processors and PC software has been greatly improved by including comprehensive support throughout the entire measurement process, from image capture and measurement to analysis and data storage. Nikon's new Data Processor system provides a simple interface to a PC making it easier to perform computations and manage measurement results. E-MAX software has been upgraded to support Nikon's latest digital cameras to deliver digital image measurements with a precision never before possible. Additionally, the MM-800 now supports a new 12/8 stage for larger workpieces.

New Series of High Performance Optics
The transmission rate in the UV wavelength has been improved for Nikon's CFI60 Plan Fluor objectives. Only one kind of objective lens is needed for brightfield, darkfield, and other observation techniques. These objectives offer high resolution and are easy to use.

The CFI60 series of Nikon objectives now includes the CFI L Plan EPI CR series of objective lenses designed to be used with the thin coverglass used in LCDs, and similar highly integrated, dense devices. Coverglass correction can be made from 0 mm up to 1.2mm with the correction ring. The 100x objective lens offers 0.85 high NA while enabling high-contrast imaging of patters without distortion caused by the coverglass.

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