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Nikon Revamps E-MAX Software

September 25, 2006

A Cost Effective Software Solution for State of the Art Image Processing

E-MAX Metrology Software

MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 25, 2006 -- Nikon Instruments, Inc., a world leader in the development of advanced optical technology, today announced a new version of E-MAX image processing software designed to cost-effectively serve the needs of industrial metrology professionals.

E-MAX software is used with Nikon's digital still camera, the DS-2Mv. When operated in conjunction with Nikon's new MM400/800 measuring microscopes, the software provides users with advanced measuring and edge detection functions, ranging from two-dimensional data processing and image measurements to data storage capabilities.

"E-MAX software addresses a fundamental, but critical requirement for digital imaged based measuring" said, Mike Metzger, Nikon general manager, Industrial Department, Nikon Instruments. "Our strategy is to deliver cost-effective software that fully utilizes our digital camera technology for measuring and image analysis."

Nikon's new E-MAX software provides full edge detection measurements allowing software to be installed on virtually any computer at a reasonable cost. E-MAX features advanced edge detection measuring and true position G, D and T tolerancing.

Images from the Nikon digital camera can be transported through a USB 2.0 connection and processed and measured using Nikon's latest automated video edge detection and measuring algorithms. The software is planned to support popular imaging techniques for EDF imaging stacking with measurements, large image stitching and counting, and fast image acquisition.

E-MAX navigates in a graphic window allowing speedy measurement, and for users of CAD software, a chart with nominal shapes and tolerance lines can be generated from CAD data and superimposed on the actual video image for easy, quick, analysis. Interactive operation wizards mean users can rapidly select program functions such as "quick measure," or "teaching measure."

E-MAX software also supports a selectable large icon mode that eliminates the PC mouse and optimizes the touch screen in manufacturing environments. E-MAX operators can easily control illumination, motorized nosepiece, a universal epi-illuminator, and TTL Laser AF controls on the microscope to optimize image processing. E-MAX provides tools to quickly transfer measured data into spreadsheets making real-time SPC analysis possible.

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