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Nikon Metrology presents NanoFocus X-ray inspection system for the most demanding electronics applications

May 4, 2014

Nikon Metrology’s latest XT V 160 NF is a high-precision, flat-panel based X-ray inspection system that facilitates real-time imaging and defect analysis of next-generation wafer-level, semiconductor device and PCBA applications. Equipped with an in-house designed X-ray NanoFocus source and high precision manipulator, this industry-leading inspection system offers unrivalled feature recognition compared to any product available on the market today. As such, the XT V 160 NF is indispensable for any electronics development and production environment. 

XT V 160 NF

Below 0,1 micron feature recognition

The XT 160 NF is a high performance system providing  advanced and innovative functionality, capable of inspecting the most challenging electronic components and assemblies. The in-house developed  NanoFocus source with nanoscale x-ray spot size, high precision manipulator and 3 megapixel flat panel detector with high dynamic range results in a feature recognition capability below 0,1 µm. 

The XT V 160 NF features an industry unique 360° continuous rotate detector axis which enables oblique angle views of up to 60° to the center of the detector panel.  The system offers intelligent region of interest lock, which maintains feature view with changing magnification or angle view.

The large 580 mm x 580 mm tray enables the possibility to inspect large PCBA’s, multiple components or pallets coupled with advanced automated software capabilities.  

Thanks to the highly accurate and precise anti-vibration sample manipulator, the NF system is ready for next-generation laminography inspection techniques with advanced cross sectional view capability to detect defects as small as a few microns. It provides a method of inspecting a region of interest which can be challenging to inspect with 2D radiography, such as 3D stack dies, BGA pad cracks or multilayer board such as dual sided boards or multi planes and this without the need to rotate the sample or cut it down in size.

Inspect-X software for intuitive and productive electronics X-ray inspection

XT V 160 NF is equipped with Inspect-X 4, the acquisition and analysis software focusing on improved usability and productivity. Inspect-X 4 facilitates real-time inspection as well as the creation of automated programs using the user-friendly graphical user interface. Productivity is increased by offering intuitive operator control, faster creation of inspection programs and more robust image inspection algorithms. The new range of intelligent inspection tools feature industry leading image processing offering advanced BGA and wire sweep analysis to analyze  the most challenging electronics boards and components.

The sharpest X-ray images for the most demanding applications

The continued demand for high performance electronics is driving packaging technology towards tighter density, higher IO capabilities and most importantly reduced footprint.

Modern X-ray inspection systems must provide the highest magnification, sharpest imaging and uncompromised accuracy. The XT 160 NF is suited for a wide range of modern electronics inspection applications: 

  • Wafer-level interconnections such as Through Silicon Via (TSV), analyzing defects in the fill consistency and voiding.
  • Cu-Pillar and micro-bump cold joint detection and void analysis.
  • Surface Mount Device (SMD) issues such as BGA voids, size measurements, shorts, opens and head-in-pillow detection are easier to detect due to the superb image processing quality.
  • Advanced bond wire analysis, the system automatically detects broken bond wires and measures wire sweep with deviation analysis. Multiple bond wires on a device are analyzed in a single inspection routine.