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Nikon Integrates Industrial Microscopy and Metrology Organizations

January 24, 2005

Move Cements Nikon's Presence in Industrial Markets

MELVILLE, N.Y., Jan. 24, 2005 -- Nikon Instruments ( today announced the formation of a new Industrial Microscopy and Metrology Department that reinforces the company's leadership position in global industrial markets. Combining Industrial Microscopy with Measuring increases the firm's product marketing strength, streamlines connections between users and design engineers, and multiplies Nikon branding power while further boosting its already strong position in global industrial markets.

"This strategic move means that Nikon can more effectively leverage its resources to deliver innovative products while delivering greater levels of customer service," said Lee Shuett, executive vice president, Nikon Instruments. "We sense an extraordinary opportunity, and we have put an organization in place to pursue it."

To lead this new integrated department, Michael Metzger has been promoted to General Manager. He has been with Nikon for over 13 years and has been the Measuring Department Manager for the last five years. Metzger has over 29 years of experience in Optical Microscopy and Metrology.

The new Industrial and Metrology Department will develop short and long term strategic plans to further increase sales and develop new business growth for Industrial Microscopy and Metrology markets by focusing on delivering value and product innovation to untapped vertical markets.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to bring together the skills and talents of many people, said Metzger, "I look forward to continuing our expansion into new industrial markets."

The new department will deliver total product management for industrial microscopes, core measuring and Nexiv Vision Systems, and offer customer support for industrial microscopy/metrology products. It will also provide a valuable link between end users and factory engineers. The department will also work in conjunction with Nikon Instrument Co. Planning and Design Departments and provide a powerful voice for US and Latin American industrial customers in the factory to assist in planning future business expansion.

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