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Nikon Instruments' New MM-200 Measuring Microscope Combines Precision and Accuracy in Compact, Space-Saving Body

August 1, 2009

MM-200 Measuring Microscope

MELVILLE, NY, April 30, 2009 – Combining precision and accuracy with a compact body and an affordable price, Nikon Instruments, Inc. ( introduces the new MM-200 Measuring Microscope. Ideal for measuring a variety of metal, plastic and electronic parts, this powerful new microscope is specifically designed and engineered with machining engineers and inspectors in mind.

The MM-200 features a space-saving footprint of just 420 x 297mm, 50 percent smaller than existing Nikon MM models, and weighs just 40kg. Designed with a built-in 2” x 2” O3L type digital stage with a rotating table and digital backpack for ease of use, the MM-200 can be used with the low-cost SC2 Digital Readout. The SC2 attaches directly to the arm to minimize the footprint.

“The MM-200 is affordable, compact and easy to use while still providing Nikon quality, accuracy and legendary durability,” said Michael Metzger, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Nikon Instruments. “Perfect for small machine shops, automotive and electronics applications, this microscope is an exciting addition to the MM series, providing high-performance at a low price.”

Focusing motion control mechanics on the MM-200 have been newly designed to optimize the frequently used objective lenses from 1x to 10x, and the gear ratio has been matched to make focusing faster. The MM-200 also features a built-on digital measuring stage, which requires no installation. The stage maintains traveling accuracy, achieving the same 0.0001um readout as the current MM400/800 series.

The MM-200’s built-in, episcopic and diascopic light sources are all long-life, high-intensity, white light LED. With no expensive bulbs to change, down time is eliminated and operating cost is minimized. The optional LED Ring Lights will produce clear and enhanced edge contrast by oblique and 8-segmented individually ON/OFF lighting.

The dedicated C-Mount Video Head allows for easy connection with E-MAX Data Processing Software, enabling advanced measurement and image processing functions, including automated edge detection. In combination with Nikon’s digital still camera, the DS-2Mv, the new E-MAX series software provides state-of-the-art image processing technology. Effectively used in conjunction with the MM-200, the new E-MAX series software provides the user with various advanced measurements and processing functions, ranging from two-dimensional data processing and image measurements to data storage.

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