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Nikon Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 Provides New Measurement Possibilities for Demanding Applications

July 16, 2010

Leuven, July 16  – Nikon Metrology, Inc. introduces the new Confocal NEXIV-K6555 with advanced confocal metrology capabilities that provide new measurement possibilities for demanding applications. Developed on the strength of Nikon’s leading optical and mechanical technologies, the Confocal NEXIV-K6555 incorporates the latest Confocal, image processing and Through the Lens (TTL) laser technologies for faster and more accurate non-contact 3D measurements on larger size substrates, probe cards and other applications requiring large stage travel.

Nikon designed the Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 with longer XY travel (650mm x 550mm) to cover the non-contact 3D measurement requirements of larger substrates, such as recent cutting-edge interposer substrates and probe cards with greater accuracy and faster measurement speed. In addition, the newly developed ZC objective lenses for height measurement can obtain height data for every pixel in the field of view in a single scan, allowing fast, accurate, repeatable and reproducible wide-area height measurements.

For faster measurement speed, Nikon has redesigned the standard confocal optics using lower magnifications such as 3x and 7.5x. The system can be configured either with built-in high magnification CF optical head or with built-in standard magnification CF optical head so that it can be optimized for broad variations of complicated and smaller measuring targets on measuring applications. It is particularly well-suited for micro-bumps on advanced IC packages; probe cards; substrate pattern height and size; advanced glass and polymer components, such as micro lenses and contact lenses, laser marks on semiconductor wafers; MEMS; wire bonding and advanced fine interconnection technology.
The new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 also allows for both 2D measurements on brightfield images with the CNC 15x zooming optics and 3D measurements on confocal images. Furthermore, the TTL scanning laser auto focus and video image auto focus functionalities add greater flexibility.
“The Nikon Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 provides new measurement possibilities in a field with extremely demanding applications,” says Koji Kiribuchi, Marketing Manager, Nikon Metrology, Inc. “By combining advanced Nikon confocal optics with Nikon’s powerful image processing technology, the Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 allows for the necessary versatility and functionality.”
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