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Nikon Announces NIS-Elements Documentation Software

May 16, 2006

New Software Supports Color Documentation Requirements for Clinical and Industrial Microscopy

NIS-Elements Imaging Software

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 16, 2006 -- Nikon Instruments, Inc., a world leader in the development of advanced optical technology, today announced new imaging software designed to serve the needs of clinical and industrial documentation professionals.

NIS-Elements Documentation (NIS-Elements D) is the latest addition to Nikon's imaging software suite designed to serve the needs of advanced bioresearch, clinical, industrial and documentation professionals. NIS-Elements Documentation software provides a totally integrated solution for users of Nikon and other manufacturers' accessories by delivering color documentation capabilities that include basic measuring and reporting capabilities. The software optimizes the imaging process and workflow, and provides the critical element of integrated documentation information management for system based microscopy.

"Nikon's Documentation Software addresses a fundamental, but critical requirement for clinical and industrial microscopy," said Stan Schwartz, vice president, Nikon Instruments. "Our strategy is to establish Nikon Elements software as the preeminent platform for sophisticated image capture, document control, data management and analysis."

Key modules in each NIS-Elements package include an optional database capability allowing one-click image acquisition and transfer from a camera to a user defined database. A report generator allows users to create report templates for PDF-based reports. The product also includes large image stitching capability so ultra-high resolution images can be captured with a motorized stage using sophisticated auto focus capabilities. Optional plug-in modules are available that utilize Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) allowing the creation of an all in-focus image from a series of Z-axis images. A single window GUI allows easy access to image documentation tools and speeds workflow.

Innovative analysis capability includes object counting, automated measurements and time lapse image capture. An advanced multi-layered document structure is standard. This sophisticated image documentation structure makes it possible to achieve non-destructive archiving of image data including annotation (arrows, lines, text notes), measurement data, binary data for storing results of threshold or classification processes,and meta-data information for recording acquisition and device conditions at the time of image acquisition. Flexibility in tailoring the software for specific applications is possible through simple built-in macro recording and the Advanced Macro Builder.

NIS-Elements - Advanced Solutions for your Imaging World is available through Nikon dealers worldwide.

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