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Full Vehicle Inspection

Full vehicle inspection

Horizontal LK CMMs from Nikon Metrology can be set up easily for dimensional inspection at the end of the production line. Equipped with the XC65D Cross Scanner, gap & flush measurements can be performed fully automatically.

Comfortable door closure can be validated by applying the dynamic measuring capabilities of K-series DMM. Its high measuring sample rate is needed to monitor door displacement and velocity during the entire door closure event.

Despite systematic quality control on component level, some issues only become visible when installing trim parts. K-Series comes in handy for troubleshooting specific issues. This handheld metrology system can be used anywhere on the factory floor to digitize and analyze specific problems. Geometric features and reference points can be measured using the SpaceProbe, whereas the K-Scan MMDx is ideal to capture the shape of (mating) surfaces. These measurements provide powerful insights for assembly troubleshooting.

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